Q : My organization received funding last year for one project, and we want to apply for a different project next year.  Do we need to submit a complete application or can we submit a streamlined application?

A: You may use the streamlined application.

Q : My organization is not located in the mid-Atlantic region. Would I still have a chance if I apply?

A: If your mission and goals fit within the parameters of the Joseph Robert Foundation, you may apply, but geographic location could play a role in the final decisions.  Contact the Foundation before applying.

Q: Can I submit a proposal for a multi-year project?

A: Prior organizational recipients of JRF funding may submit a proposal for a multi-year grant (maximum 3 years.) If the proposal is accepted, the funding will be awarded on an annual basis and interim reports must be submitted for each year of the grant. Individual recipients can only submit proposals for one year projects.

Q: I received a grant from the Joseph Robert Foundation last year. That makes me eligible to use the streamlined application form for a new submission. Am I guaranteed to receive my new grant?

A: In most cases, applicants will receive new JRF funding. However, this is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and if there is a problem either with the final report from the earlier grant, or with the application for the new grant, new funding might be denied.

Q: If my project is completed in less than a year, can I re-apply for new funding during the same year?

A: No. No recipient can receive funding more than once during a calendar year.