There will be two deadlines each year for Letters of Interest:  April 30 and October 30. Applicants who are asked to submit full applications will have an additional 30 days (dated from the date of their preliminary acceptance letter) to submit the full application.



Grant Period


The normal grant period will be one year, starting from the date the award has been granted.  When appropriate, grantees may reapply for Joseph Robert Foundation funding upon the submission of a final report at the end of the funding period.



Grant Amount

Most grant awards to organizations will be under $10,000, with occasional awards being given at a higher level for larger projects, ongoing programs, or to larger organizations. Determination of the grant amount will be made based on organizational and/or program/project budgets, scope of proposal, organizational qualifications, and overall application quality.  Grants to individuals will generally be under $5,000.



Grant Type

Organizations may apply for general operating (GO) and/or program/project funds.


Individual applicants may only apply for project funds.




Each grantee will be provided an award letter that will include reporting requirements that will be due at the conclusion of the grant period.